About LeedsMedical

Founded in 2010 and located in Kuwait city, Leeds Medical is one of the best trading companies in Kuwait which provides high quality Diagnostic Devices products , surgical disposables products ,Orthopedics supports products, Rehabilitation products , Beds & Furniture ,At the starting of our business, the main focus of our company was on the innovative and High quality medical products .

Our Products

Standard wheelchair
Designed for geriatric care, terminal illness, accident, overweight conditions etc. our wheelchair range provides easy maneuverability & mobility inside and outside house. Promotes independence with comfortable seating for long use.
Diagnostic Devices
Diagnostic Devices like our range of Glucometers, BP monitors and Weighing scales etc. It helps the patients to manage their conditions like diabetes, High or low blood pressure, Obesity etc. at home. It ensures better control of their treatment by providing the consulting physician valuable information in their management.
Our specialized products in respiratory helps the patients with Asthma , COPD ,Bronchial Pneumonia , sleep Apnea , Neuromuscular , Spinal cord injuries, Muscular Dystrophy and many other conditions where artificial ventilation for short or long duration might be required .These devices help patients with respiratory problems to breathe easier , sleep more naturally and lead a fuller life .
Accessibility solutions
Our accessibility solutions provides utmost safety and comfort while moving inside, outside and around home. Our home access solutions like stair lift and platform lifts etc. Our vehicle access solutions like wheel chair lifts and vehicle lifts etc. Our patient transfer solutions (patient hoist) provide easy and safe transfer of the patients from beds to wheel chair or from one part of house to other part

Our Trade Marks

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